Nov 02, 2022

Zen Space for your Home

Turn spaces into the zen zone

If you have a free room or basement, you can design the space into a wellness room. Even if you lack a room, you can turn an empty corner into a well-being space. You have to consider your interest while taking up space. If you are a yoga fan, you need enough space to do asanas. Whereas, if you are a meditation lover, you need a calm and quiet place to concentrate on your meditation. Designing a zen space near an entertainment unit can make your zen a mess. So find a nice place to design a zen zone.

Calm colors to your calm mind

Each color has a different meaning. Provide a color palette that defines your purpose. Adding green color can emphasize nature’s tranquility. Adding lights that suit the ambiance can actually create a well-designed space for zen practices. As you know, lighting is an important element while designing a room. It influences space in many ways. But for zen practices, it is beneficial if you encourage maximum use of natural light. It is not possible to use natural light at night. That’s when the effectiveness of good lighting comes in. The good ambiance will motivate you to do zen practices that allow wellness of mind and body.

Effect of natural decors

We can be peaceful in nature so we bring some natural elements to enhance the effects while practicing yoga and meditation.