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Mar 10, 2023

Transform Your Space: 10 Interior Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home

Interior design is one aspect of turning your house into an extraordinary home. But how can you elevate your own environment? What is it that you want to change in your home? Some people change the decors and spaces that seem bland. You can enhance spaces with interior design ideas that are mentioned throughout this blog. There are more tips and tricks that can be executed with the help of interior designers to enhance your space. You can contact top interior designers in Kottayam like Ceakay Interiors to bring uniqueness to your home. Wait no more and let’s Transform Your Space: 10 Interior Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home  

1. Add Small Elements to the Theme

Adding a theme to the space is innovative, but too much of it can be a little bit distracting. For instance, a farmhouse can look more appealing when there are decorations and furniture related to a particular farmhouse theme. If you enter a space that looks too immersed in the theme, it may look cluttered. Instead, add some decor and leave the imagination to the guests to find out the little things that add meaning to your space. 

2. No More Matching Furniture

To fill the room with combo sets of furniture was trending, not so back, but that has changed. Mixing a little bit of shade in every piece of furniture has gone out of trend. So what should be focussed on while deciding on furniture? Avoid matching furniture to make your home look more stylish and luxurious. It is said to lack inspiration and creativity. Cohesive-styled furniture looks good in homes nowadays and is gaining much attraction. You would be surprised to see how your home enhances the look of the spaces just by choosing the ideal and creative furniture that matches the functions of the room.    

3. Introduce Huge Art Elements

Letting a large piece of art rest in your home brings more looks than adding small pieces of art here and there. Just like removing unwanted decor decluttering the artwork can bring a positive change to your home. If your space has an empty wall that is used up by small paintings, you should definitely try replacing that with a huge single painting that can enhance your space. There are places where you can find cheap and luxurious pieces of art if you are thinking of the cost range of the art piece.      

4. Arrange Decor Effectively

Decors can either make a space wonderful or shabby. Having a lot on display have the chance to make your space look cheap. If you are serious about changing the looks of your space, consider changing the decors that seem like don’t fit in the room. Small decor showcase can be replaced with a few large ones. This will instantly change the attitude of the space to make it more luxurious and less distracting.    

5. Bring a Pinch of Creativity

When it comes to accessories, products, furniture, artworks, and everything that makes a home good, some may look like mass-produced items. Artisan and unique products can elevate your home in an extraordinary way. Just take a little time to find the apt items for your home, it can make your space beautiful. Contact interior design Kottayam to renovate your home to make it feel fresh and upgraded. 

6. Don’t Forget Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

This may be overlooked or might have been removed from the list because of budget. But if you are thinking of elevating your home, don’t miss out on the design of walls, ceilings, and floors. Ceilings lights can enhance your home like never before.    

7. Add Balanced White Color

Have you walked into a room with minimal white colors here and there and you felt a kind of clean and balanced feeling? White has the quality of bringing balance to the space. For instance, you can add white sheets to your bedroom that can elevate the function and color of the room. 

8. Mix of Contrasting Colors

Contrast color sprinkling in the elements of the home is what designers do mostly to enhance a space. This brings an interesting and luxurious look to your spaces and home. The trend color at this time is black which can create an innovative look in a neutral room.  

9. Trendy Elements to Your Home

Consider upgrading the fixtures and finishes to enhance the look of your home. Moreover, it is not actually how it looks but how it is maintained. So it will be better to choose simple yet innovative elements that can be easily maintained. Some light fixtures can look old because it is not properly maintained. So next time you choose something for your home, don’t forget about the maintenance. 

10. Beauty in Little Things

Adding finishes to certain decors and furniture is a great idea to enhance your home. Some elements add extra beauty to the space. It can be a candle, a simple decor on your table, or a wall hanging. These little things can make your home interesting. So make sure you have added your favorite decor flower or art to your space. 

In conclusion, interior design can make the spaces look great just by adding some good aspects and decluttering bland items. At the end of the day, it is your home and you may have some ideas. Make use of these tips when you decide to renovate or design your space. We are the best interior designers in Kottayam to enhance your space with ideas that can bring more beauty. 

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