Kerala style interior design done by best interior design company in kerala
Jun 08, 2023

The Essence of Kerala in Interior Design; Exploring House Designs

If you visited Kerala, you might have noticed certain aspects of its interior which make it stand out from the rest of it. The culture and traditions are written in the home styles of Kerala. Inspired by European architecture and ancient royalty, every designed home brings a touch of old-age architecture with elements here and there. Just like you make certain food, some ingredients cannot be avoided while making that delicious cuisine. Moreover, certain elements make the style of home more beautiful with various styles and versions. The Essence of Kerala in Interior Design; Exploring House Designs will give you information on the elements that are used in designing Kerala homes. If you are looking for the best interior designers in Kottayam, contact Ceakay Interiors for the best service in altering your home into a beautiful space. 

List of Elements in Kerala Homes

When you get inside a home in Kerala, you might see certain elements that are mentioned in the following that add more beauty to the home. 

Nadumuttam or Indoor Courtyard

It is basically known as the centre courtyard which is one of the essential areas you can see in Kerala-style dome designs. The middle part of the interior is turned into a natural courtyard by leaving the space open or making it decorative with large pots or a structure with a Basil plan. It can also be made into an indoor garden with beautiful flowers, pebbles, and stones to keep up with the interior design. The space above the space would be not roofed or transparent glasses would be placed to allow the natural light to fall in. You can seek the best interiors in Kottayam to add beauty elements to your space to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

It adds extra shine to the space and makes it more inviting as well as welcoming. Many homes in Kerala focus on this indoor courtyard that can be decorated with more green plants, a small pond with fish and aquatic green plants. You can also place small lights and decors that add more elegance to the space or make it simple. You can spend your time resting there, especially when it rains, where you can enjoy the rain sitting indoors and it would add a cool effect to the whole space.  

Intricated Doors and Windows

One of the striking features of a Kerala-styled home is the majestic carvings and details in the windows and doors. They are defined with great aesthetic value in designed homes. The main doors and windows are aesthetically pleasing and designed with detailed carvings. The styles have been changing as time advances but the details in doors and windows stay as an essential part of Interior design. 

Application of Wood

Wood is preferably used in many houses in Kerala as it is one of the quality materials in home decor. Its versatile quality and looks bring a fresh look to the interior that can enhance the overall beauty of a home. Wood can be included on doors, windows, wardrobes, stairs, and furniture. This idea makes it feel closer to nature. Our interior designers in Kerala can improve the look of your home with the effective application of wood in spaces. 

High Ventilations

Adequate ventilation is necessary to let in and out air and natural light to the indoor spaces. It is essential to let in both fresh air and natural light to halt the growth of bacteria and wipe away the scent that is stuck inside. Proper ventilation is needed for homes in Kerala as it is a state with high humidity levels owing to persistent rain. And it needs to be maintained well. Therefore, high ventilation is also used in homes in Kerala. 

Wall Paintings and Traditional Decor

Some of the attractive and remarkable wall paintings are displayed to enhance the walls that can attract the visitor’s attention. Some decor and traditional installations are used to beautify the whole look of the space. That can also make the whole wall bold and distinctive. Some of the interior decors that can enrich the indoors include ancient items and materials that have great value. 

To reiterate, everyone needs a home that looks classy and at the same time functional. A home is also counted to reflect your personality and many have become passionately particular in creating their space into their dream reality. Homes need to be unique in many ways that can also be beneficial when it comes to functioning, beauty is not enough for the effectiveness of a home. The Essence of Kerala in Interior Design; Exploring House Designs might have given you insights into Kerala architecture that can add a pinch of uniqueness to your spaces. Traditionally styled homes have a particular aura about them and it can be achieved by incorporating certain elements of Kerala architecture into your home. You can seek our home interior design Kerala to beautify your home with the effective functionality of various elements.