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Mar 28, 2023

Small Space, Big Style: How Our Interior Designers Maximize Your Space

Designing a space to make it the best of its possible is actually a challenging task. You want to make everything feel unique and bring a nice touch to the room. But being in a small room with an array of things can get you a headache and leave no space for relaxation. The ambiance of a room is related to the elements and the placement of various furniture. So make sure you are not just filling the room with your favorite decor. Don't worry much, you can seek our home interiors in Kerala to enhance the space with the correct placement of furniture and decor that make you fall in love with your spaces all over again. This blog is about Small Space, Big Style: How Our Interior Designers Maximize Your Space. Let’s get straight to the aspects that can make the room feel big with style.

Vertical Designing

Using vertical spaces to leave spaces for other things is an ideal option like build-in bookshelves that can be extended to the ceiling. This can bring more space for the items you use frequently which aesthetically look good. Our designers are well equipped to create innovative ideas in enhancing a room with an effective design that not only makes it big in style but also brings more for other aspects and functions as well. Trying out DIY and installing shelves on the bed or couch. You can change the ceilings from mere hanging chandeliers to hanging pots and plants or other cute things than can bring a good look to the room.   

Multipurpose Furniture

If the room that is to be designed is a tiny space, there are various ways in enhancing the room and one of them is to invest in multipurpose furniture which can be useful with more than one function. Some furniture can be used as storage divisions you can just dumb the things that seem untidy in the storage when your guests arrive unpredictably. A bed with shelves is helpful to put the bedsheets so that you don’t have to go searching in the other room to change the bed sheets. Likewise, choosing a dining table that can be extended and small chairs that can be used in many ways look good in small spaces. If you have a rectangle-shaped dining table, it is better to bring oval or round shaped to the space for more room for pieces of furniture. If you are seeking our home interior design Kerala we can get you the ideal type of furniture that suits your room well.

Maximum Utilization of Floor

Small spaces may look and feel cluttered more quickly than any other large homes. You can utilize the floors to enhance the space of the room. Picking furniture that takes only a little floor space is actually an added advantage while choosing furniture like wall sconces rather than table lamps and floor lamps. Choose floating shelves rather than going for heavy bookshelves that use too much floor space. Moreover, wall-mounted cupboards are a better option too instead of nightstands. And just like that, tables with narrow legs and depth couches might be a nice option. Also, a colorful rug can make the room feel bigger and more spacious.  

Focussed Lighting

Maximum utilization of natural light can make the room look wider and more open. Make sure you have chosen the right treatment for windows so that they don’t affect the functions of a window. The creative use of mirrors can enhance the reflection that comes from the windows. Using a combination of various light fixtures can bring a cozy look to the space. Our experts are highly creative and are equipped with designing elements that can bring out the best of space. If there is a small bathroom, it is recommended to use a clear shower curtain that can open the space a little. You should consider skylights to add natural lighting if there are no windows present in the room. It will be better to add light colors to reflect the light rather than dark ones as the dark ones absorb the light.     
You can seek a house interior design Kerala to effectively design your space with good lighting elements. 

To conclude, It is undoubtedly challenging to change a room into something extraordinary especially small spaces. Stuffing your spaces with decors that won’t fit the space is not a good idea. There are certain aspects that can help the room look spacious even though it is tiny. The room may look cluttered and cramped if there is too much furniture or decor that fills the room. More than anything, a space should look like your personality. This blog about Small Space, Big Style: How Our Interior Designers Maximize Your Space might give you ideas on how to effectively utilize a small space to make it good and luxurious. Contact our house interior design in Kerala to make your interior unique and clean with the perfect type of furniture, color, and lighting, that can enhance the overall look of the room.