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Jul 04, 2023

Interior Design Trends to Know in 2023

Interior design constantly changes with the ever-evolving trends and ideas. Each era comes up with new styles, ideas and aesthetics that shape the concept of your living spaces. Staying updated with furniture trends, layout choices, colour palettes, material concepts, and other interior design trends influences you to make your spaces visually appealing and functional at the same time. You can explore innovative options of interior design and with the help of Ceakay Interiors, the best interior design company in Kerala, get your personalized havens with a fresh, contemporary feel that reflects your unique personalities and aspirations. This blog, ‘Interior Design Trends to Know in 2023’, helps you to get along with the latest interior design trends that are suggested by our experts.

Top Trending Interior Design Ideas in 2023

Personalised visually appealing interior design creates a sense of satisfaction and comfort in your mind. Trends in interior design change within a span of time. Here are a few top trending interior design ideas you can add to your wishlist to make your homes unique and trendy.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Design

Eco-friendly and sustainable interior design offers a neat balance between exquisite aesthetics and environmental consciousness with a blend of trend and sustainability. 
The use of natural materials like wood, bamboo and other such materials, along with energy-efficient lighting, and energy-saving appliances, reduces energy consumption and gives you a modern and visually appealing sleek look. You can add indoor plants in the corners and other suitable positions which improve the aesthetics and enhance air freshness. You can recycle and upcycle furniture pieces that give a vintage look and it reduces waste too. In this world of people moving away from nature in search of new technological development, you can seek freshness by blending your interior with the elements of nature. 

Colour Combinations

Colour combinations impact the entire atmosphere, ambience and visual appeal of the space to a great extent. Each colour has its own impact on your mind. Choosing colours that are comfortable and appealing to your mind is important. For example, colours like blue and green are relaxing and are suitable for your bedrooms. 

Yellow and orange colour combinations provide a vibrant and energetic mood which makes it suitable for your living spaces and areas meant for socializing like dining rooms and entertainment areas. You can also make try on new colour combinations with monochromatic variants with the consultation of designers as colour combinations have a great impact on your emotions and behaviours beyond their major function of providing aesthetic elegance. In 2023, earthy and pastel colour palettes are on trend; shades of rust, ivory, ochre, terracotta, and olive green create warm, cosy and inviting interior spaces. 

Convivial Seating

Convivial seating has a profound impact on making your interiors best for gatherings that foster a sense of togetherness by encouraging interaction and providing a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Whether it be a public lounge or your living room, convivial seating plays a great role in encouraging people to gather and connect with each other and spend their fruitful time together. When designing convivial seating, you must consider comfort first; make sure that it is cosy and accommodating, which lets you relax and enjoy your company with others. There are several other matters other than grouping chairs or sofas around a coffee table to consider when you plan convivial seating. Our specialists in interior design Kottayam will help you with the latest trends with a broad option of personalization of shape, material and designs as well.

Multi-functional Spaces

When planning to design your interiors, creating functional and flexible spaces is essential for accommodating the various needs of modern lifestyles. Multifunctional interiors optimize the functions of different rooms which gives you a comfortable living. With proper layout planning, introducing multipurpose furniture, efficiently utilizing storage spaces, and including modular and movable furniture, you can customize and reconfigure your interiors in accordance with your changing needs. Proper design of interiors with giving attention to details and importance to flexibility and functionality results in efficient use of space and a great ambience for you to live, work or spend your leisure time. 

Gold-Edged Ceramics

Gold-edged ceramics always adds a luxurious touch with elegance and sophistication to your space. The contrast between the combination of glimmering gold and soft ceramic shades creates a sense of refinement and catches the eyes. The delicate gold element on vases, plates, other utensils, and decorative objects with ceramic surfaces upgrade the whole space from traditional to contemporary adding an elevated glamour to the area. 

Gold-edged ceramics can be displayed on walls as frames, as showpieces on shelves, or as centrepieces on tables to enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. The shimmering effect of gold elements catches and reflects light which gives a beautiful glow with an inviting and attractive surrounding. Adding gold-edged ceramics to your interior design concepts is a great idea to transform your ordinary space with a touch of luxury and style.

Allowing Maximum Natural Light

Allowing maximum natural light into your interiors creates healthy, pleasing bright spaces. Natural light always stands out from artificial ones by its benefits of enhancing mood and boosting productivity. Our experts in house interior design in Kerala focus on the size, orientation, and placement of windows for entering sufficient natural light into the interiors. In this requirement, we use light-coloured walls to bounce the distribution of light throughout the room which feels an additional spaciousness and openness. By maximizing natural light in your homes, you get vibrant and more aesthetic interiors.

Interior design trend changes simultaneously. You may have the tendency to go with the trend too. We are here to help you with the latest trends in interior design with a wide range of options to customize. We provide free designer consultation and you can get a free estimation of your space. Get your interiors personalized with Ceakay Interiors and enjoy the satisfaction forever.