Discovering the Art of Interior Design: From Top Designers in Kerala
Jun 16, 2023

Discovering the Art of Interior Design: From Top Designers in Kerala

‘Wow, the room looks so stunning’! This might be the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you come across the beautiful home interiors in Kerala. From grand mansions and small cozy homes, the love for creating a space that brings us warmth and comfort as well as aesthetically pleasing remains the same. In this blog ’Discovering, the Art of interior design: From Top Designers in Kerala, the top home interior design companies in Kerala will help you find the perfect interior for your dream home.

It remains one of the first things that catch our eye once we venture into someone’s home. A home’s interior design also defines the owner's aesthetic taste as well as makes a statement.

Why does Interior Design matter? 

Interior design matters because it enhances the visual appeal and functionality of a space, creating a comfortable and inviting environment. They influence mood and vibe, impacting productivity and creativity. How many of you know that well-designed interiors also promote health and well-being through considerations such as air quality and natural light? Besides, interior design allows for personal expression, reflecting individuality and creating a space that feels like home.

Elements of Interior Design

While designing a space, there are 7 key elements that most interior designers and decorates reply to make sure it is balanced. We’ll explain how these elements play a crucial part in interior design.


An interior designer will know the design space from his heart. They will first visit the room they are decorating to gain a feel of its proportions. Positive space is defined as furniture-filled space, whereas negative space is defined as space. It feels more welcome when there is a balance of positive and negative space.


Lines play an important role in interior design, says the expert at Ceakay Interiors, one of the top interior design companies in Kerala. They bring structure, creativity, and a sense of direction. According to the designers, there are three types of lines to consider; horizontal, vertical, and dynamic. Horizontal lines are often found in tables, chairs, and similar furnishings. 


This refers to the overall shape of the room. Forms can also be about the furnishings, the décor, or even the light fixtures. They are mainly two forms. Geometric and natural. Furniture is a geometrical form. However Plants, for example, have natural forms. Square shapes are often associated with strength, but curves and rounder shapes are associated with gentleness in terms of design.


Light sets the mood of the space whether it is natural or artificial. Light is an essential element of interior design that plays a crucial role in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. It has the power to transform the ambience, highlight architectural features, and influence our mood and perception of a room. 


Colour is a fundamental element of interior design that has a profound impact on the overall look and feel of a space. Colours play a major role in house interior design in Kerala. It can evoke emotions, create visual interest, and influence our perception of size and shape. 


Texture in interior design adds tactile interest, depth, and visual contrast to a space. It enhances the sensory experience, adds warmth, and creates a dynamic interplay between surfaces, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the environment.


Patterns bring life to interior designs. They bring excitement and visual interest, create focal points, and add a sense of rhythm and movement to a space. They can evoke specific styles or themes, enhance the overall aesthetic, and provide a cohesive design language throughout the room.

Designing for Different Spaces

From residential homes to commercial establishments, each space demands a unique approach to create an ambience that reflects the client's personality and fulfills their specific needs. In residential design, the focus lies in crafting warm, inviting spaces that harmonize with the homeowner's lifestyle. 

Whether it's a cosy living room adorned with plush furniture and warm colours or a serene bedroom with soothing hues and luxurious textures, the goal is to create a sanctuary that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. On the other hand, commercial design revolves around creating efficient and aesthetically pleasing spaces that align with the brand identity. Offices are designed to enhance productivity and collaboration, utilizing ergonomic furniture and smart layouts. 

Restaurants and cafes are curated to offer an immersive dining experience, combining stylish decor with practical seating arrangements. When it comes to retail spaces, they are meticulously planned to showcase products, enticing customers to explore and make purchases. Interior design also extends its artistry to public spaces such as hotels, where grand lobbies welcome guests with striking focal points and materials. 

Why Choose Ceakay Interiors?

Ceakay Interiors, the best interior company in Kerala combine creativity, expertise, and personalized attention to bring your vision to life, creating a space that exceeds your expectations and creating your dream space.